Our Story

Hey, y’all! I’m Ebony King, Better Me Box founder. 

This subscription box is focused on all things self-awareness, self-love, self-care, and  personal development — whatever that looks like for you.

I wanted to create something that made myself and others feel BETTER, especially after the whirlwind of a year 2020 was for all of us. 

Growing from being fearful to being confident in myself and my ideas has been a journey. I excitedly shared the concept for this box with friends 3 years ago, but didn’t have the courage to just go for it and make it a thing. The timing ended up working out perfectly though, because the person I am now vs. the person I was then is exactly what The Better Me Box is about.

Each box is curated to give you a dose of self-love and a good read to cuddle up with after a long work day. It’s easy to get lost in the demands of everyday life, or one crazy news story after another, or in the sea of social media. This box makes it easy for you to fill your cup back up.

I’m so excited for you to experience everything we have inside. Cheers to the better you!